Chicago Bears Season Ticket Waiting List Rank Update: 2012

Another year has gone by (actually, way more, this post is long overdue) and my Chicago Bears season ticket waiting list rank has changed again. I didn’t move as many positions this year as I have in the past, but all movement is good movement!

If you’re just joining me now, I have been on the Bears season ticket priority list since December 2009. When I joined I was given an initial rank of 5,423. I’m happy to let you know that my current rank is 4,759 and I’m over 10% of the way to becoming a Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holder!

Date Rank Change Total % Change
12/2009 5,423
8/2010 5,164 256 4.78
8/2011 4,905 259 9.55
8/2012 4,759 146 12.24

While it’s exciting to be over 10% of the way there, it’s still only 10% of the way there. At this rate, I have another 25 years before getting those coveted season tickets. And while I know (hope) it won’t take that many years, math is math, and it isn’t wrong.

Whether it takes 25 years or just five more, I’m excited to one day be a Chicago Bears season ticket holder and be part of the tradition of Chicago Bears football. Bear Down!

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33 Responses to “Chicago Bears Season Ticket Waiting List Rank Update: 2012”

  1. dave Says:

    By being on the list have you had any luck getting presale tickets for regular season games?

  2. Craig Says:

    @dave – great question! Every year I have the opportunity to purchase tickets a few days before they go on sale to the public. I have never tried, but the opportunity is there. Here are the details, An Exclusive Chicago Bears Ticket Offer.

  3. Raf Says:

    We wouldn’t you just use the season ticket resale website to buy the rights to a season pass? Wouldn’t that be easier to pay a little upfront for it and have it right away instead of waiting 30 years? Just my two cents. wouldn’t selling off the tickets to the games you do not want to go eventually cover your initial investment?


  4. Phil Says:

    Hi! Quick question…how do you check your rank once you’re a season ticket waiting list? I’ve been on it for about a year, and I’m curious to see where I’m at…but I can’t seem to find where my rank is. Thanks!

  5. Cody Says:

    I have used it. It has been nice. I go to a preseason game with my young son. That way, if he gets bored, we can leave early. Then I go to a regular season game with a friend and make a whole day of it. Yes, the preseason tickets are expensive, but I like the guarantee of regular season tickets and I get to enjoy the preseason with my boy.

  6. Joe Says:

    I also am on the wait list and have been for about 6 years. I am currently at 2904, but started out over 4000…I don’t recall the exact number. One year I moved up over 1000 spots, the next I moved up 6 spots. So it varies. I’m just waiting for my updated 2013 number!!

  7. Craig Says:

    Joe – Thanks for the comment. I feel like moving 1000 positions is just a myth. I haven’t made any moves like that. Maybe this year will be the year!

  8. Craig Says:

    @cody – this is what football it about. It’s so much more than just a game or supporting your team or your city. It’s about spending time with family and friends. It brings us together. Gives us a common bond. I hope you took part in this years pre-sale and have a great time with your son. BEARDOWN!!

  9. Joe Says:

    @Craig…that 1000 move spot happened in 2007 or 2008. It was basically right after the market crashed and everyone was losing their jobs. I think a lot of season ticket holders had to buy groceries and diapers instead of tickets that year, due to a drop in extra income. It was a nice bump up the list….though, for the sake of everyone, I hope it doesn’t happen like that again. Every since then (besides the 6 spott bump) I generally move up about 300 spots on average.

    I usually get my updated list number sometime in August. As I mentioned before, I’m at 2904 right now. I’ll let ya know how far up I move this year. I’m curious to see if the move is the same for everyone. Good luck in the move this year!

  10. Scott Says:

    Wow, what a great website! I’m a new member to the season ticket waiting list, so all of this information has been very helpful.

    One question I had… when do they update your ranking in the season ticket waiting list? I joined last fall and I’m wondering when I should check to see how much I might have moved up.


  11. Craig Says:

    @Scott – welcome to the waiting list Scott. Your rank should be updated very shortly. You’ll get a package soon from the Bears Ticket Office. It’ll have your rank and tell you how you can check your status online. Let me know your rank! BearDown!

  12. Joe Says:

    Craig, I got my new updated number. I am currently 2740, with a change of 164. This was less than I had anticipated; though the move is still better than 0. A guy at work is in the +7k range and moved up 175 spots. I have a feeling there is a difference due to the amount of requested tickets. I have only 2, where as he has 4. How did you fiar this year?

    @Scott. What rank are you listed as, just curious as to see where it is at now.


  13. Craig Says:

    @joe – I haven’t received that coveted Bears Ticket Office packet yet. I’m expecting to move about the same as you … in the 160-170 range. Thanks for the update of your co-working being over 7000 too. I’ve heard that a couple times now.

  14. Craig Says:

    @Phil – sorry for the delayed reply. You can access your account information by going to the Chicago Bears homepage, then Tickets & Stadium, then My Bears Ticket Account. This eventually kicks you to a site where you have to log in with the original information you received in your Priority List welcome packet. Hope that helps. BearDown!

  15. Craig Says:

    @raf – I’ve thought about going down that road but it’s not for me (at least not right now). I think there’s something earned in waiting for tickets. It feels like a right of passage.

  16. Scott Says:

    I just checked my updated ranking as well, I’m at 7,404 which is a change of 174 from 7,578 when I started last year.

    Pretty interesting point @joe… I have 4 tickets and I had thought my rank could do better if I only had 2. I talked to the ticket office today, and they said it doesn’t matter how many tickets you have… everyone moves the same regardless. The ranking is based per person, and not how many tickets they put a deposit on. Pretty interesting to learn that today.

  17. Scott Says:

    Not sure if that previous post was explained very well, but the ranking is essentially your spot in line. The number of tickets you’ve put a deposit down doesn’t have any bearing on your ranking, according to the person I spoke to today.

  18. Rich Says:

    I just signed up for season ticket waiting list. What happens now? There was no information after I signed up besides a “Thank you” email with a receipt of my payment.

    Will they be mailing me out a packet or some sort of information?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciates.



    ps: great website! very informative!

  19. Craig Says:

    @Scott – I had assumed this is how it worked but now I know for sure. Thanks for all the info!

  20. Craig Says:

    @Rich – welcome to the list my friend! You will definitely get a welcome package. It took about a month for mine to arrive. You can read all about it in one of my first posts, The Beginning. Let me know your rank after you get that packet. My bet is that you’re in the range of 7,750. BEARDOWN!

  21. Coco Says:

    Joined the list last week. Got my confirmation in the mail today. I’m number 8012! I’m almost 38 and will be happy to have my number come up by retirement.

  22. Craig Says:

    @coco – wow, we’ve cracked the 8k barrier. I’m right here with you coco. Me, you, and 8,010 of your closest Chicago Bears fan friends!!!

  23. Jason Says:

    I’m sitting at 5703 right now. Joined a couple years back, right before the NFC Championship game. Looks like I have 20+ years to go until my number is called.

    In the meantime, I’ll just keeping buying the full season from a season ticket holder on the secondary market.

    Gonna be cold tonight, but let’s get a win!

  24. Alex Says:

    Hey, I just joined the list also even though I’m still a college student right now with about 2 or 3 years left of school. I figured it would be worth the wait so I can enjoy the games with my family. One step closer to fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams was taken today.

  25. Craig Says:

    @jason – good call on buying tickets on the secondary market until you get your own!

  26. Craig Says:

    @alex – great move, I like where your head’s at! Let me know what your rank once it’s in your hands. BearDown!

  27. Tim Says:

    Is it blasphemy to wish bad on the Bears, because I hate Cutler and would like to see my number go down quicker after hearing that he got a 7 year contract?

  28. Alex Says:

    I got my ranking already at 8,104 I’m on my way!

  29. Craig Says:

    @tim – it is most definitely frowned upon my friend. First of all, Cutler can take us to the promised land. Second, it would take years and years and years of the Bears being TERRIBLE for our ranks to significantly improve. Enjoy the good football while it’s here!

  30. Neil Says:

    I just signed up for season tix like an hour ago. How do I find out where I am on the list?

  31. Time4u2nv Says:

    Hey all, I signed up for 4 season tickets years ago and am currently #1911. Does anyone know if people that signed up for 2 season tickets move up quicker?

  32. chris Says:

    I think you joined the year before me. On 4/28/10 I was 5671 and as of today I’m 4643. At this pace, it will be another 18 years unfortunately. I’d love to see an update and see how much you’ve moved. I’m on the wait list for 2 tickets.

  33. Joel Says:

    It looks like the 2014 rankings are up. I improved 180 spots this year and am finally below the 2,000 mark at 1,952. Just a little over a decade to go!

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