Skol Down!

For 17 weeks every season, Chicago Bears fans and Minnesota Vikings fans are enemies. We heckle, taunt, and jeer one another for hours on end. But this weekend we must unite!

Many Bears fans are disappointed in how the season ended for Chicago. After such a strong start the Bears completely fell apart and it became very frustrating to watch a complete game. To add insult to injury, our rivals, the Vikings and Packers, both played well enough to make it to the post season.

Normally I would never suggest Bears and Viking fans unite. It takes a lot to stand alongside your foe and be on the same team. But this weekend we have a common enemy. This weekend Bears fans still have something to cheer for. We must fight against that ugly green and yellow beast known as the Green Bay Packers.

For just three hours Bears and Vikings fans must come together as one to cheer as loudly as we can. Vikings fans that make the journey to Lambeau Field must make noise and root against the Packers on their home field. We must let it be known in bars everywhere that the Packers are disliked and we, as two united fan bases, do not want to see them in the big dance.

If we don’t, we might have to see Aaron Rodgers raise the Lombardi trophy again (although, I truthfully haven’t seen the footage of him doing it the first time, I refuse to watch it, I don’t acknowledge that victory!).

So for this weekend, let us unite and be as one Bears and Vikings fans. Put aside your pride for just a few hours and cheer for Jared Allen to rack up multiple sacks of Aaron Rodgers (I’m hoping for no fewer than four from JA alone!). Cheer for Adrian Peterson to run all over Clay Matthews. Most importantly, cheer for a Green Bay Packers loss!

Skol Down!

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    I like the Skol Down!

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